Diamond skin with definition
much sought after
Sun-soaked sands and champagne
foams on the shore,
flowing from the rocks.
Behind, the stalwart, stolid white
grainless snow, packed up,
far from jawed waves
flinging themselves on the land,
springing back.

Veinless marble limbs
frolic in the ravenous tide, heedless,
flushed in golden light,
the other-beings; a beautiful race
ends in a stumble
onto the mush.
Doused in brine, gleaming,
a screeching wail echoes o'erhead.
Lost in breathless air.

A drop soaks the ground.
Clouds burst
and smash into the sea
fragments soothe and lick the wounded wall.
the deluge swallowed up
by thrashing waves,
deaf to their own fury.
Cracks form
Peeling the smooth face away
Chunks of bone cascade,
tumbling into outstretched
arms, cold
sinking, sucked down,
swallowed whole.